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Live Video Streaming

Reach for more ! We will bring you straight online using latest streaming technology. Our local media server ensure fastest access to your streamed content. You can also choose your favourite platform such as Youtube, Facebook and Periscope with broadcast quality handling


Be seen everywhere and response to what your audience in real time. We integrate proper audio visual handling with wideknown interactive platforms such as Webex and off course on our own platform with local access. Start your rich communication today !

Video Conference

Absence of your meeting participant should no longer delayed your critical business decision. Our solution ensure you can create virtual discussion almost from anywhere in the world. Connect, meet and decide !


One special day, should be celebrated together all along your family and beloved ones, no matter whare they are. Through livestreaming, everyone can see your celebration, congratulate you and share the happiness with you

Video Production

Supporting what you need to stream up, documenting or any of your needs, we provide top notch multimedia production facility and team. Deliver your message in visual perfection and engage more. Now you have an all in one solution

360 Virtual Reality *NEW*

Live or recorded, we bring you out of the box experience for your audience. Make them feel like they are presence in the middle of your event. This experience will be best viewed with VR Glasses such as Google Cardboard or Samsung VR Gear. Of course you can use any VR Glasses of your choice.

We Also Provide

Web Design

Where to access ? Your landing page on the web may also determine your overall image of your content. We will help you create one to give you strong emotional engagement with your audience

Broadcast Design

Our experience in media technology and TV industries gives us ability to provide you the best technology and solution available in the market. We will plan it, design it, develop it and even run it for you. Technically and business wise

Publishing Design

Engaging spesific target are not always as easy as it seems. We have best communication specialist to bring you the best strategy and implementation. Name your target, and we will help you reach it properly, and efficiently.


Nowadays, almost everything published, shared and engaged through social media, side by side with the power of search engine to find appropriate content designated to who needs it. Proper plan and strategy will significantly boost your popularity and engagement. We will help you to shout it out the right ways

"Let's go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday" - Steve Jobs -


Multi Stream (our) Record

We just finished one of our glorious project, to stream live from 23 location all arpound Indonesia, simultaneously. Thanks to our client Astra Daihatsu Indonesia that gives us the chance to provide the system and technology to make it happen. This event created to break national record (MURI) for simultaneous Daihatsu Xenia convoy from 22 cities. The event called Ruteriang Xenia.

Webinar Studio

Recently, we finished developing a studio for our client GSK ( Glaxo Smith Klein ). This studio will then continously used for online interactive training, with the latest audio visual and streaming technology. The methods simplifies lots of technical difficulties that used to happen in such production cases. Its also very efficient due to usage of manpower, because only small number of operator needs to run the whole system.

Scheduled Online Training

As our contribution to the world of education, we will launch our online trainings and webinars with multiple content categories. Our platform will deliver the special trainer of spesific knowledge to your screen. You can attend it virtually anywhere you want, in any circumstances. Now distance are not the barrier for everyone to learn and be smart.



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Want to know more? | a little about us

2Q Creative Media founded 6 years ago by a bunch of IT geeks, with the dream of creating something totally different with other already presence in the media world. With the skill background of broadcast technology, information technology and unlimited creativity, the team gathered and here we are now.

Nowadays, we grow up and collaborating with some other creative providers ( i.e : Jagat Productions, WiraMice, Primastream and Incream ) to provide stronger and more reliable services

Our vision and mission represent our goals to bring the local business and industries to the next level, empowering the people with global market reach and bring the strength and beauty of Indonesia to international audience.

With us, you will reach more, engage more and success more

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